Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Henry Mining District (Utah). Recorder

22251--Mining records

AGENCY: Henry Mining District (Utah). Recorder

SERIES: 22251
TITLE: Mining records
DATES: 1883-1896
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological

DESCRIPTION: Mining records, which constitute a legal record, are kept for the purpose of monitoring and registering mining claims and operations. Mining records contain notices of location which provide the name of the claim, locators, location, legal description and the mining district; proof of labor registers which record the work performed at each mine annually by each worker; district by-laws; meeting minutes, and district officer election results. The Henry Mining District Recorder recorded mining operations in Sevier County, Utah. Until the law changed in 1897, mining districts in Utah had the option of electing their own mining district recorder. Many of the large mining districts, including the Henry Mining District, chose to elect their own recorders while claims and other records within smaller mining districts or in unorganized areas were filed with the county recorder. The district recorder was created in 1883 and ended in 1897 when the law changed and the county recorder assumed sole responsibility for mining records (Laws of Utah, 1897, Chapter 36).



Transfer to the State Archives with authority to weed.


These records are in Archives' permanent custody.


The retention and disposition information on this schedule applies to the record copy which can be in any format. The record copy can include different formats. Format management information provided here is for the purpose of managing records that are being either stored by or transferred to the Utah State Archives.

Paper: Retain in Office until microfilmed and then transfer to Sevier County Recorder.

Microfilm master: Retain in State Archives permanently with authority to weed.

Microfilm duplicate: Retain in State Archives permanently with authority to weed.


Administrative Historical Legal

Because of the importance of mining information, which documents the monitoring and registering of mining operations, the District Recorder was required by law to maintain mining records and their corresponding indexes.