Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Washington County (Utah). Library

24588--Board minutes

AGENCY: Washington County (Utah). Library

SERIES: 24588
TITLE: Board minutes
DATES: 1911-
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological.
ANNUAL ACCUMULATION: 0.40 cubic feet.

DESCRIPTION: These are the official minutes of regular and special meetings of the County Library Board. They are used to document the actions of the board. They include the agenda, dates and times meetings convened and adjourned, board members present and excused, and a summary of the proceedings of meetings, including motions, votes, discussions, official actions, and decision. The first volume (1911-1950) also includes the library's annual reports (1913-1958). From 1950 to 1981, the minutes are scattered until 1981 and are missing from 1977 to 1980,


Retain permanently.


Retain in agency custody.


Retention and disposition for this series is authorized by Archives general schedule CNT 24, Item 3.

AUTHORIZED: 11/26/2002


The retention and disposition information on this schedule applies to the record copy which can be in any format. The record copy can include different formats. Format management information provided here is for the purpose of managing records that are being either stored by or transferred to the Utah State Archives.

Paper: Retain in Office permanently after being microfilmed.

Microfilm master: Retain in State Archives permanently.

Microfilm duplicate: Retain in Office permanently.

Microfilm duplicate: Retain in Office permanently.

Microfilm duplicate: Retain in State Archives permanently with authority to weed.