Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Governor. Public Lands Policy Coordination Office

26637--Right-of-way claim records

AGENCY: Governor. Public Lands Policy Coordination Office

SERIES: 26637
TITLE: Right-of-way claim records
DATES: 2005-
ARRANGEMENT: Alphabetical by county name.

DESCRIPTION: The Public Lands Policy Coordination Office provides information and services related to legal action concerning rights-of-way on public roads (63J-4-603(3b) (2015)). Records document county right-of-way claims regarding state- and county-owned rights-of-way over non-reserved public land. Records contain notices of acknowledgement to the United States Bureau of Land Management, affidavits, depositions, maps, photographs, and other documents which contain information about the beginning and end points of each road; township, range, and section references; and center-line road descriptions. These "land use and development" ordinances provide standards for development for "land use and development" within the county. They have been approved by both the planning commission and the county commission. "The planning commission shall prepare and recommend to the [county commission] a proposed zoning ordinance and maps . . . The [county commission] shall hold a public hearing on the proposed zoning ordinance . . . After public hearing, the [county commission] may (a) adopt the ordinance as proposed; (b) amend zoning ordinance and adopt or reject the zoning ordinance as amended; or (c) reject the ordinance" (UCA_10-9a-502_(2005)).


Retain 50 years after final action.


Transfer to the State Archives with authority to weed.


Retention and disposition for this series is authorized by Archives general schedule CNT 28, Item 13.

AUTHORIZED: 03/26/2015


Paper: Retain in Office until final action and then transfer to State Records Center. Retain in State Records Center for 50 years and then transfer to State Archives.


Administrative Historical Legal

These records are created and maintained in accordance with U.C.A. 72-5-301 thru 310. These records have historical value as they document the process used to determine the establishment of state and county owned rights-of-way across non-reserved public land.




Protected. Utah Code 63G-2-305(18) and (23)(2015)